Weather in Santiago de Chile

The city's climate is temperate and Mediterranean with well-defined seasons. The temperature in summer can reach 30 ºC; while in winter reach 12 ºC. But, the annual average temperature is 14 ºC. Snowfalls usually start the second week of June and last until the first days of October. Nevertheless, the snow falls only in the mountain area. During summer climate is dry, hot and cooling at night.


The rainfalls begin in April and arrive its peak between June and July, so they decrease gradually until November . The average rainfall in Santiago is 384 mm3 and that happens in June.


A great problem in Santiago is the pollution which is produced mainly by diesel buses, in 1990 air pollution fell by around one-third, but the situation has been improving since 2000 and in 2005 a lengthy replacement of the diesel bus system began.


Another worry by Santiago's citizens is the industrial contamination of "Mapocho" River. So, the central government passed a law that forces industry and local governments to process all their wastewater.

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