Santiago de Chile Eating

The high quality of the fruits and vegetables is the main characteristic of the Chilean food. Certainly the food is not the main attraction of Chile. The Chilean Specialties are the fish and shellfish from Valparaiso.

Chile is famous in the world by its wines and is believed that they have health benefits; since some cardiologist think that Chilean wine is a natural antioxidant.


The "Picadas" famous Creole meals are very popular amongst the Santiago's citizens who eat this meal every time. Any others typical meals are: "Alfajor chileno", "Pejerrey arrebosado","Pebre", "Empanadas de Horno", etc.


The fast food actually is a tradition in Chile. In Santiago there is a great number of restaurants which offer this kind of food.

Eating in Santiago de Chile

But if you don't like the Chilean food, there is in Santiago a great variety of restaurants of international food including Italian, French, Thai and Cuban food amongst others. The Restaurants of Peruvian food are the best of the city, in them you can find delicious meals made with fish, shellfish, meat, potatoes and almost any thing that you can imagine .


The best restaurants of Santiago are in "Borderio" , "Vitacura", "Bellavista" and "Las Condes".


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