This document defines a contract between the Agency and the Client that accept the terms and conditions related below.
- This Terms and Conditions document is about the offered services in the website www.studylanguages.org
- It is recommended to keep a copy of the Client's booking and this Terms and Conditions document, one for the Client and one for his/her family to have it accessible at any time.

1. Parties

  • 1.1. On the one hand www.studylanguages.org being part of the company Xplora and Learn S.L. (from now on referred as the Agency), with CIF B 98352966 and address: Pasaje Ventura Feliu n15, Entreplanta, 1B, 46007 Valencia (Spain), phone number 34622400322, e-mail info@xplora.com
  • 1.2. On the other hand the Client or the person in whose name the reservation has been made.

2. Enrolment procedure

  • 2.1. There will be no contract within the Agency and Client, and a booking is not valid until the Agency has issued a formal confirmation invoice by e-mail, fax or post, after having received a complete booking form and the first payment from the Client.
  • 2.2. Full fees of the deposit 200 Euros (or equivalent currency for courses outside Europe) must have been paid to the Agency at the time of the enrolment, to reserve a stay.
  • 2.3. All fees must be paid 30 days before the course starts.
  • 2.4. For the confirmations of bookings made 2 weeks or less before the course starts, the total invoice amount must be paid in full at the time of the enrolment.
  • 2.5. If the full balance of the invoice is not paid by the Client by the due date, the Agency can cancel the booking and charge the Client cancellation fees.
  • 2.6. The Client may require an invitation letter from the school to apply for a visa. This can take about 4 weeks, and can have extra fees. The Agency will inform about this fee and any other additional costs related with this. To get the invitation letter, the Client must have paid at least the deposit amount of the booking.
  • 2.7. The following payment methods are available: bank transfer, credit card and paypal. Commissions must be paid by the Client.
    • 2.7.1. Bank transfer: BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria) Bank office address: Avenida de Aragón, n13. 4600 Valencia, Spain. Bank Account holder: Xplora and Learn S.L. Bank Account number: 0182-6526-13-0201545679 SWIFT: BBVAESMM IBAN: ES9701826526130201545679 Bank commission must by paid by the Client.
    • 2.7.2. Paypal: Account: info@xplora.com The Client must add a 3,5% to the total amount for commissions.
    • 2.7.3. Credit card: no extra fees.

3. Cancellations

  • 3.1. If the Client wants to cancel its booking, he/she must do it in writing, through a signed document that can be sent by fax to this number: 0034923197944 or scanned by e-mail to this e-mail address: contact@studylanguages.org
  • 3.2. The date of reception of the fax or e-mail is considered the cancellation date.
  • 3.3. For cancellations prior to the last two weeks before arrival, there will be a penalization of 200 Euros (or the equivalent currency for courses outside Europe).
  • 3.4. For cancellations within the last two weeks before arrival there will be a penalization of 100% of the total amount (even if only the first payment has been done).
  • 3.5. The Agency reserves the right to cancel a booking if all corresponding payments have not been made by the agreed dates.
  • 3.6. After a course has started there is no refund for any course, accommodation or other item booked.
  • 3.7. It is the Client responsibility to have a valid passport and visas required to travel to the country where the program will take place in due time, with enough time to complete the booking procedure, and to receive all the corresponding and required documents. Only consulates and embassies of the future-visited country can advice about the requirements needed to get a visa and the period of time needed.
  • 3.8. In the case that the Client has been denied the visa, he/she must inform the Agency as soon as possible. The notification of the denied visa must be sent to the Agency by fax to this number 0034923197944 at least 6 weeks before the starting date of the program. In this way the Agency will refund the total amount received except 100 Euros as an administration fee. In the case that the Client informs the Agency less than 6 weeks before the starting date, the Client will have to pay the cancellation fees as it is described in this point 3 of the present document.
  • 3.9. Any special request must be notified to the Agency in the enrolment form. If the Client doesn't inform the Agency in due time, and the school cannot provide the special requirements, the Agency can cancel the booking anytime, applying the cancellation policy described in this terms and conditions document.
  • 3.10. There will be no refund for early returns or course's interruptions.

4. Arrival/Departure dates and accommodation

  • 4.1. One week of accommodation means 6 nights from Sunday to Saturday, unless otherwise indicated.
  • 4.2. For special arrival or departure dates a supplement per night will be charged. This service is only available on request, and is subject to availability.
  • 4.3. The Client must inform at least 15 days prior to the starting date about the arrival details, so that the airport transfer (if this has been contracted) can be arranged, or to inform the host family or landlord about the student arrival. If this data is not provided by the Client, the Agency cannot guarantee the transfer from the airport to the accommodation, or that the host family or landlord is at the accommodation when the student arrives. Any additional costs derived from this are responsibility of the Client.

5. Need to know

  • 5.1. Language level. Each school offers different language level options (normally from beginner to advanced). The first day at the school all students, except beginners, will have a test to fix their current language level, from which they will begin their course. In the case that the Client applies for a course that requires a specific minimum level, and the first day after testing the level, it is found that the Client doesn't reach this level, the school will offer a suitable alternative, and there will be no refund.
  • 5.2. Number of lessons and duration of the lessons. Lessons can last from 40 minutes to 60 minutes. The number of lessons per week can be reduced for these reasons:
    • - The test level takes place the first day of the course. The time used is not retaken.
    • - Evaluation tests: some schools evaluate the progress of the students. The time used is not retaken.
    • - In the case that the Client is the only student of a level, and has booked a group course, the school can offer him/her individual tuition up to the value of money paid for the course.
    • - If a group course has only two or three students, the school can reduce the number of lessons per day.
    • - Holidays: if there is a holiday during the course, no lessons will take place on that day. Individual lessons can be rescheduled but this depends on the school. The Client must consult the public holidays in the destination to be aware of this.
  • 5.3. School regulations. All the students must observe the school regulations, and must be courteous and respectful. If the Client doesn't obey the school rules or policies the Agency can refuse to serve the Client, or can cancel the participation of the Client in the program immediately.
  • 5.4. The Client must inform the school staff about any situation that affects the language program. The Agency can refuse a refund if the Client declines to accept reasonable solutions offered by the school or by the Agency.

6. Prices and supplements

  • 6.1. The Agency prices are the same than the published by the partner schools, and are issued on our website www.studylanguages.org . The total charges will correspond to the sum of the total stay price plus any applicable supplement.
  • 6.2. Supplements. There are several supplements that are not included in the price such as course materials, airport transfers, extra-days in accommodation, extra activities, excursions, examination fees, letter of admission for the visa, insurance, etc. The Agency will inform the Client about the supplement prices before issuing an invoice.
  • 6.3. Prices can change because of the currency fluctuation. The amount that the Client is charged depends on the exact exchange rate at the time of payment.
  • 6.4. The Agency believes that all the statements and prices in the website www.studylanguages.org are correct, but cannot be responsible for any change made after the information has been published in the website, nor for happenings beyond its control. The Agency will inform the Client of any change known as soon as possible.

7. Liability of the Agency

  • 7.1. The Agency acts only as an intermediary between the entity providing the course and the student who receives it.
  • 7.2. The Client is aware of certain risks when travelling and studying in a foreign country (accidents, sickness, forces of nature, war, etc.) With this contract the Client assumes and recognizes these risks, and refuses to make the Agency or its employees responsible for any accident, damage, loss, injury, expense or delay related to the contracted services such as means of transportation or accommodation.
  • 7.3. The Client is travelling under his/her own responsibility and exonerates the Agency and its employees from any liability that is connected with health and safety.
  • 7.4. Any complaint must be made directly at the school during the first week of stay. If the Client complaint is not resolved by the school, the Client must inform immediately to the Agency sending the complaint in writing before the end or his/her stay. Any complaint will be accepted after the program has finished.

8. Insurance

  • 8.1. The Client must contract an insurance that covers all the possible risks that a travel of these characteristics can involve. Not all the schools provide this service. The Agency will inform the Client about this, so that he/she can contract it individually or through the school provider.

9. Activities and excursions

  • 9.1. Activities and excursions are organized by the school. The information that the Agency offers to the Client before travelling, is just for guidance, since schools can change them, or not to organize them depending on the season, and the number of students interested on them. Prices and payments will be noticed and done by the Client directly at the school.

10. Changes by the Client

  • 10.1. If the Client wants to make a change in the program, he/she must inform in writing to the Agency as soon as possible, and at least 6 weeks before the course starts.
  • 10.2. In the case of a change in the course dates, the new starting and ending dates must be before December 31st of the same year. This change depends on the availability and conditions of the school/supplier.

11. Changes by the Agency

  • 11.1. In case of unforeseen circumstances and Major Force reasons (reasons that are unrelated to the will and control of the Agency), the Agency can modify or cancel the program.
  • 11.2. The Agency will offer the Client an alternative program of similar characteristics and price as soon as possible.

12. Personal data

  • 12.1. According to the Spanish law 15/1999 of December 13th, 1999 (Protection of Personal Data) the Agency informs the Client that his/her personal details will be stored in a database whose liability and responsibility is Xplora and Learn S.L., for the commercial and operative purposes of the company. Accepting these terms and conditions document, the Client gives his/her consent to this treatment and the use for the previously exposed aims.
  • 12.2. The Client can request to the Agency to access, correct and cancel this information by writing to this address: Xplora and Learn, S.L., Pasaje Ventura Feliu n15, Entreplanta 1B, 46007 Valencia, Spain.

13. Legislation applied

  • 13.1. The Spanish legislation will be applied in the case of disagreements about this contract, and the parties accept the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Valencia (Spain).

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