How we work

Our mission is to help you find the best language program for your needs and requirements. is offering an outstanding range of selected language schools.

How we select schools?

There are thousands of schools around the world teaching hundreds of languages.
We are determined to work with as wide a range as possible, on condition that they are of a suitable quality.
We are also interested in value for money for all our students.

15 Quality criteria:

  1. School location
    Position in city, town or resort.

  2. School exterior
    Quality of building, decoration of classrooms, offices, cafeterias, etc.

  3. School facilities
    Refreshment facilities, libraries, (free) internet and self-study rooms.

  4. Teaching method
    Qualified, native, experienced teachers.
    Dynamic and interactive teaching method.

  5. Language courses
    Variety & frequency of courses.
    Range of language levels.

  6. Students per class
    Maximum attention per student.

  7. Affiliation to associations
    Accreditation by suitable national or international association. Membership of provincial or countrywide association.

  8. Quality certifications
    Certification by independent organizations.

  9. Accommodation
    Variety of options including host family (where possible).
    Accommodation placement and supervising officer.

  10. Supplier relationship
    Rapport with school staff particularly contact point.
    Efficiency of correpondence in respect of students and possible complaints.

  11. Personal care
    Care taken in health, safety and emergency situations.

  12. Activities
    Variety & frequency of cultural and social activities.
    Teacher involvement.

  13. Multimedia & IT services
    Computers & internet facilities.
    Learning aids.

  14. Value for money

  15. Client feedback
    Based on our own questionnaire.
    Tendency of clients to rebook or recommend school.

Why to book with us?

  1. Our offer includes only the best language schools worldwide.

  2. All our associate schools offer the maximum quality level required by the international, independent organizations who evaluate the different language schools.

  3. We offer the same prices as the schools, including promotions and discounts/offers.

  4. All the bookings are managed by a unique booking office.

  5. If you wish to combine destinations, an only course counsellor will organized your course and accommodation in the different locations.

  6. Personal attention in different languages and immediate answer.

  7. If you are not interested in our accommodation offer, we organized your lodging in hotels, privat appartments....

  8. Don't want to look for flights? We book it for you, also train tickets and other transport options.

For more information, please contact us or read more about us.