Salvador da Bahia Nightlife

Like any Brazilian city, Salvador da Bahia has a wonderful and busy nightlife. Most entertainment places are located in Pelourinho, the most ancient neighborhood of Salvador. Pelourinho hosts every night dozens of live music concerts; many of which are free or are very cheap. There are not dress rules, but most people wear casual with jeans and t-shirts. Most clubs in Salvador are small but very nice and fun.

Club in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil
Club in Salvador da Bahia

An excellent place to start the night is the bar “Pimentinha” a picturesque bar located in “Boca do Rio”, whose furniture is made totally with recycled materials; this bar is very popular amongst the local artists. “Cantina da Lua” in Pelourinho is also a famous bar of the city and a good place to meet girls or take a drink.


A nice place in Salvador is “Casa de Mae” a small and fantastic place located at 81 “Guedes Cabral” street, with good food and nice music. Here, you can enjoy a caiporoska, which is a caipirinha made with vodka instead of the traditional cachaça.


Another nice place is “Aeroclub” which is a kind of mall with many stuffs, cinemas, bars, clubs,etc; it is located at 6000 “Otávio Mangabeira” avenue. One of the best discotheques inside “Aeroclub” is “Rock in Rio”, where you can dance forro, pagoda , lambada and other exciting Brazilain rhythms.


Very near Aeroclub in the same street is “Fashion Club” a popular place in Salvador da Bahia; which has a very hip dance club, where it can dance from samba to electronic music. This club requires as minimum age 21 for women and 18 for men. It is situated at 2471 “Otávio Mangabeira” avenue.


If you prefer to hear live music three nice places are “Casinha de Siri”, “Beco de Gal” and “Casa da Bossa”, where there are live shows almost every night and prices are very reasonable.


But, if you are looking for something more sophisticated, an excellent place is “Café Cancun”; it is a meeting point to the high society of Bahia mainly at weekends; there, you will find the most beautiful girls of the city.


“Dida” is the best discotheque, if you have children or teenagers; you can bring them to this club, which only accept people less than 18 years until midnight. After midnight, it is opened only to adults.


But, if you want to spend a cultural night, the musical theatre “Castro Alves” is the ideal place, this prestigious theatre presents classical theater as well a new works. Besides, it has weekly concerts during summer.

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