Portuguese in Salvador da Bahí­a

Located on the northeast coast of Brazil, Salvador da Bahía is a city of surprises and is the capital of the Brazilian State of Bahí­a. The city is a metropolitan area and the epicenter of Negro culture in Brazil.

About Salvador da Bahia

The city before was the center of the sugar industry and the slave trade, there slaves were unloaded and sold. The city founded in 1949, quickly became in the premier city of Brazil, now is the third largest city in the country with about 2.56 million of people with a mixture of African, Portuguese and native culture, which makes of Salvador one of the most culturally fascinating cities in the world.

Today the impressive colonial architecture and beautiful buildings influx by the European and African styles evidence the rich history of the city, with well restored enclaves, colorful mansions Baroque, churches and the modern tower blocks give the city a special atmosphere. The center of the city still is called "Pelourinho", the charming name of the center of the city in times of the slaves.

Salvador da Bahia also is known by its traditions, such as the Capoeira dance, which is a combination between a dance and a martial art. The traditional instrument of the city is the Berimbau that is a bizarre musical instrument played by the locals.

The city has many tourist attractions as the Pelourinho with its buildings of colonial architecture, its beautiful churches and cathedrals; Salvador also has beautiful beaches, ideal for swimming, sailing and underwater fishing, such as Porto da Barra beach; and its bay is home to more than 100 shipwrecks and is a Scuba diver's paradise. And according with the locals Carnival in Salvador da Bahia is funnier than the one in Rio de Janeiro.

Reasons to learn Portuguese in Salvador da Bahia

The city:

  • Population: 2,560,000.
  • Salvador da Bahia is the capital of Bahia, a very touristy state.
  • Salvador has other thing to do, such as capoeira, scuba diving, swimming, etc.
  • It's a historic place and you can be in contact with native Afro-Brazilian culture.
  • Salvador da Bahia is the premier city in Brazil and now the third largest city.
  • Salvador da Bahia offers you the possibility of to share with native people and learn with native teachers.

The Portuguese school in Salvador da Bahia

The school offers that our students can discover not only the Portuguese language, also the culture and tradition of Brazil, and the language will allow that you have a great experience in Brazil.

Portuguese in Brazil - Salvador da Bahia
Portuguese class in Salvador da Bahía, Brazil.
Portuguese in Brazil - Salvador da Bahia
Portuguese school in Salvador da Bahía, Brazil.

In the school you will be surrounded with a staff of teachers and other service professionals whose mission is to focus on you and the quality of your experience. With this ambience you can gain a deeper level of insight in to the culture of traditions of this magnificent country.


Portuguese courses in Salvador da Bahia

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Portuguese in Salvador da Bahia
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