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In Rio de Janeiro, of course, getting a suntan is the major sport of the entire population. Copacabana beach is the focal point of this mania and is always crowded. It isn't the cleanest beach in the World, but is very nice. There are other beaches in nearby like Ipanema or Leblon that have fewer people. For more solitude with your suns, go on out to Sao Conrado, Barra da Tijuca, Recreio dos Bandeirantes, Prainha or Grumari. All these beaches are excellent places to do all kinds of sports.

Copacabana is also a great place to do surfing as well as "Arpoador of Ipanema" beach and "Praia dos Bandeirantes" . The sea at these beaches is rough and dangerous, the best surfers from Brazil and other sites of the world come to these beautiful beaches to prove themselves.

One of the most popular sea sports in the city is the Yachting. The main yacht clubs are in Botafogo area that extends halfway between Copacabana and the center of town. Tough the most exclusive and interesting is probably the Rio Yatch club, where high society makes it a point to congregate. Most yacht clubs are open to members only and gate crashing is not easy.

Beach Voleyball in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Another very popular activity in Rio de Janeiro is the tennis; some of the most traditional places to practice this sport are the Rio Country Club and the Caiçaras in Ipanema or the Paisandu club in Leblon. Nevertheless, most luxury hotels in Rio de Janeiro own also good tennis-courts.

Volleyball is also very popular in Rio and it is played mainly in the beaches, Brazil has been several times World Champion of Men Volleyball and is one of the most important teams of Women Volleyball. Many members of the national volleyball teams are from Rio de Janeiro.


The Rio's beaches are also scenery of an impressive sport that is a combination of beach volleyball and beach football named "fute volei" (volleyball without hands using). Besides, Rios is a city with a great beach culture, therefore many cariocas are fanatics of the gym. There are many fitness centers available in all the city.

Pan American Games 2007 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Golf is not the most popular sport in Brazil, but there are some good golf clubs like the Gavea Gold Club which has many American and English members or the Itanhanga Golf Club which is nearby Gavea club and owns also a nice field.

Ocean fishing in the city is good all year and if you don't know someone who has a boat you can always rent one. There are marlins as well as other ocean game fish awaiting either your hook and sinker or your spear. No license is needed and the fish are so big that you won't have to throw any of them back.


Horse racing events are held Thursday nights and weekend afternoons at the Jockey Club. An impressive place with excellent grass and dirt tracks, it runs the best horses in the nation for your pleasure. The first Sunday in August is reserved for the "Grande Premio Brazil" (Great Prize Brazil), which draws the finest bluebloods from all Latin America. It is also an occasion for ladies to wear elaborate clothes and for the top brass.


Hiking and climbing are also popular activities amongst Rio's citizens. A great place to do these sports is the Tijuca National Forest a natural reserve that offers good trails for medium and difficult hikes. Besides, Rio is surrounded by several mountains and hills like the Sugar Loaf or the Corcovado which are excellent place to do climbing. Another popular extreme sport in the city is jumping, which is practiced in Sao Conrado near Tijuca National Park as well as the gliding. Gliding and jumping in Rio cost around $100 that includes also transportation from and towards the hotel.


The "capoeira" a Brazilain kind of martial art is also very popular in Rio de Janeiro. There are two types of capoeira "Angola" and "Regional"; it is a great sport and fun to do. There are many gyms and other places which offer classes to visitors.

Botafogo vs Vasco da Gama Football Match in the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Football (Soccer) is definitely the main sport in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Latin America. Rio has many professional football clubs, being the most popular the legendary "Flamengo" and the "Fluminense", which are protagonists of one of the most important classic matches in the World. In addition to, both clubs say to be the teams with most fans in the World. Nevertheless, there are in Rio several other World famous clubs like "Vasco da Gamma" or "Botafogo". All these clubs have won many times the National Championship and the "Copa Libertadores de America" (the main football championship in America). Besides, Rio owns one of the biggest and most legendary football stadiums in the World the amazing Maracana Stadium, where the main world football stars like Pele, Garincha, Zico, Romario, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Kaka have played.


Visitors can easily attend a football match; since tickets are not very expensive, except for some of the important matches. There are tours available to the tourists and a ticket in the Maracana cost in average $25.


Rio is one of the best cities in the world to do sport; since it has a complete infrastructure, which includes, bike ways, many coliseums, an impressive number of stadiums, and fields to practice all types of sports. In 2007 Rio organized the Pan-American Games and the city want to organize in 2016 the summer Olympic Games.

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