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Portuguese is a beautiful Romance language, which is spoken by over of 200 million of native speakers, and has two main groups of dialects, of Brazil and of the Old World based in Portugal. Portuguese is a official language of seven countries, second official language of two countries, and spoken in several countries as non official language. Portuguese is the 6th most spoken language and the second spoken Romance Language. 

There are some interesting methods to learn Portuguese. You can learn thanks to online courses, personal teachers, or listening Portuguese songs from streaming websites or trying software that you can find in this site to download songs, courses and other contents.

Portuguese Courses in Brazil

Brazil in Salvador da Bahia

Portuguese in Salvador da Bahia

Located on the northeast coast of Brazil, Salvador da Bahía is a city of surprises and is the capital of the Brazilian State of Bahí­a. The city is a metropolitan area and the epicenter of Negro culture in Brazil.

Brazil in Rio de Janeiro

Portuguese in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the major city in the southeastern of Brazil, once capital of the country. It's famous for its carnival, samba and spectacular natural settings, in addition the beaches and the giant statue of Jesus.

Brazil in Sao Paulo

Portuguese in Sao Paulo

São Paulo is the third largest city in the world and the largest in South America. The city is the home of the majority of Brazilian and multinational corporations, and is know by its multitude of skyscrapers.

Brazil in Maceio

Portuguese in Maceio

Maceio is the capital of the State of Alagoas, located in the northeastern coast of Brazil. It is an attractive destination and very popular by its beaches, which is visited by Brazilian and foreign tourists.

Portuguese Courses in Portugal

Portugal in Lisbon

Portuguese in Lisbon

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and largest city in the country, the city is also known as The Town of the Seven Hills. The city has its World Heritage architectural marvels, and singular museum treasures.

Portugal in Faro

Portuguese in Faro

Faro is a city located in the southern side of Portugal, and is the administrative centre for the whole of the Algarve region; Faro is particularly attractive because it is surrounded still by the Roman walls.

Portugal in Porto

Portuguese in Porto

Porto lies on the north bank of the Rio Douro, and located in the northern region of Portugal. Porto is the second largest city, is in itself full of interest, but the district it heads, through largely industrialized.

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