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Viareggio is one of the most famous and traditional seaside resorts in Tuscany. And Pisa certainly is one of the best known and admired sights in the whole world.

About Viareggio - Pisa

Viereggio has a great sand beach dotted with private bathing areas that you can buy a day pass for. It also has a kind of boardwalk that covers the length of the beach and has all the designer stores.
The area along the coast called the Versillia is a perfect vacation spot for people who enjoy the beach in addition to seeing wonderful nearby attractions.

The area is full of antique and cultural history. The wonderful walled city of Lucca is nearby and is worth a chapter in is self. This entire area is near to Florence only about and hour by car and one can also go by train. It is 20 minutes by car from Pisa (also can get there by train) and indeed if one wanted to use this area as a home base international flights come in to Pisa via, London, Paris, etc.

Viareggio and Pisa map

Reasons to learn Italian in Viareggio

The city:
  • Population: 60.000.
  • Beach destination
  • Nice cooking and nightlife.
  • Events: The Giacomo Puccini Festival at Torre del Lago.

Learning Italian in the vibrant seaside city of Viareggio
Viareggio is one of the most famous and traditional seaside resorts in Tuscany. The wide, endless beaches, the excellent cuisine and the exciting night-life with its well-known "Versilian" discos -all contribute to make Viareggio a favorite holiday resort. A visit to Viareggio means meeting young Italians and enjoying the seafood specialities of Tuscany. During the tourist season a range of activities are offered by the local tourist office to all guests in the city. Viareggio is the ideal holiday resort for all guests in the city. Viareggio is the ideal holiday resort for all who love sunshine, the sea and enjoying themselves. Viareggio is also famous for its liberty period architecture.


The beach area is close to the foot the marble mountains and all you need to do is go inland l0 minutes by car and you find the town of Pietrasanta where Michaelangelo went to find marble in nearby quarries. There is much folklore in the area about how he built the roads to transport the marble to the sea, etc. The town is also home to artists from the world that go there to work in the various art and marble workshops. There are choices in hotels even in this little village from four star down. 20 minutes away is Carara and the wonderful mountain quarries where marble is mined and sent to all over the world. They are worth a trip from anywhere to see.

The Italian school in Viareggio

The italian school is located in the centre of Viareggio, within walking distance from the beach.
The school is next to a Pinewood forest where you can go jogging, rent a bicycle, or play tennis. From the school everything is accessible by foot.

The school is located in a two-story building, and contains nine classrooms.

Italian courses in Viareggio - Pisa

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