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Visitors come to Milan for its fashion, cuisine, opera, church, Renaissance castle and da Vinci's Last Supper fresco. However Florence is the country's business and finance capital.

About Milan

Milan struts proud in the world of fashion and fills many a pocket in the world of finance. It is the sophisticated second city of Italy, home to the country's greatest designers, largest industries and most powerful banks. Ah yes, it's all Gucci and glamour here.

But, despite being no rival for the artistic wonderlands of cities like Florence or Siena, Milan has fared well in the cultural stakes and today offers the visitor plenty of grand palazzos, sumptuous concert halls and elegant cafés. With an efficient public transport system whisking you to all these places by metro, tram and bus, you'll still have time for some delicious Milanese food that typically includes polenta and risotto - to say nothing of a great range of bar snacks to be washed down by your early evening aperitivo.

One of the largest Gothic cathedrals in the world - the Duomo - dominates Milan's central square, the Piazza del Duomo. More than 500 years in the making (work began in 1386), it is an intricate and awe-inspiring building and a tribute to the five centuries of artists, artisans, architects, builders and engineers who created it. Climb up to the roof for a stunning view over Milan.

Reasons to learn Italian in Milan

The city:

  • Population: 1.300.000.
  • Milan is the world's design and fashion capital.
  • It's the second sophisticated city of Italy.
  • Milan has an efficient public transport system.

When to go
It's possible to visit Milan comfortably throughout the year. The mountains to the north shield the city from the worst of the Arctic chills, but there are the occasional cold snaps to watch out for.


Equally uncomfortable are occasional summer heatwaves. August mugginess drives many locals out of town - the calm of the city can compensate for any discomfort caused by the heat.

The Italian school in Milan

The Italian school is located inside a student campus in the Navigli zone, full of artists, bars and cafes.

All classrooms have air conditioning, and the campus boasts a park, a bar and a refectory.

It is well connected to the city centre by subway and by bus.

Italian courses in Milan

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Italian in Milan
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