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Vienna's Innere Stadt is best explored on foot, but for covering larger distances you'll need to use the enviable public transport system , known as the Wiener Linien ( Predictably enough, the trams and buses are punctual and the ever-expanding U-Bahn clean and very quick. The whole system runs from between 5 and 6am to between midnight and 1am. The only way of getting home in the small hours is to catch one of the NightLine night buses . These run every thirty minutes from 12.30am to 4am, and all 22 routes pass through Schwedenplatz at some point. Taxis are plentiful and fairly reliable too, with the minimum charge around öS25/?1.82, followed by an extra öS10/?0.73 or so per kilometre or couple of minutes. You can't flag down a taxi, but you can catch a cab at one of the taxi ranks around town, or phone 31330, 40100 or 60160. The most expensive way to get about, of course, is by Fiaker , one of the horse-drawn carriages driven by bowler-hatted, multilingual coachmen. There are Fiaker ranks at Stephansplatz, Heldenplatz, Michaelerplatz and Albertinaplatz. It's best to settle on the price and duration of your ride beforehand; the going rate is öS500/?36.34 for twenty minutes, or öS800/?58.14 for forty minutes.

Vienna Trams and buses
Vienna has one of the world's largest networks of trams - the Strassenbahn or "Bim" (after the noise of the bell), as they're known colloquially - with more than thirty routes crisscrossing the capital. After the U-Bahn, trams are the fastest and most efficient way of getting around, running every five to ten minutes. They're fairly punctual, though some lines don't run at weekends or late at night so be sure to check the timetables posted at every stop (Haltestelle).

Buses (Autobusse) mostly ply the narrow backstreets and outer suburbs and, despite having to battle with the traffic, are equally punctual. In the heart of the Innere Stadt, where there are no trams and only two U-Bahn stations, there are several very useful bus services: #1A, which winds its way from Schottentor to Stubentor; #2A from Schwedenplatz through the Hofburg to Burgring; and #3A from Schottenring to Schwarzenbergplatz.

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