Eating in Vienna

More so than anywhere else in Austria, Vienna has a huge variety of places to eat and drink , from Beisln , the Viennese version of a local pub, to upmarket restaurants, as well as a wide range of cuisines, from Balkan to South American. Even the country's ubiquitous protein-heavy food is given a new lift in the capital thanks to the popularity of Neu Wiener Küche , the Viennese version of nouvelle cuisine , which uses fresh produce to give a slightly Mediterranean bent to traditional dishes.

Vienna is, of course, also home of the Kaffeehaus , and has by far the largest selection in the country. While the rest of the world queues up for fast food, the Viennese Kaffeehaus implores you to slow down; as the sign in one such café says, "sorry, we do not cater for people in a hurry." For the price of a small coffee, you can sit for as long as you like without being asked to move on or buy another drink. Understandably, then, the price of this first drink is astronomical and will regularly set you back around öS35/?2.54.

Eating and drinking establishments are divided into Kaffeehäuser , incorporating snack bars and Kaffee-Konditorei, and restaurants , which includes some of the city's Beisln . Phone numbers have been given only for those restaurants where it's advisable to book a table . Don't get too excited by those places that boast a Schanigarten , as this is rarely much of a garden; simply a few tables alfresco. For more pleasant, atmospheric alfresco eating and drinking, you need to head off to one of the simple Heurigen in the wine-making suburbs.

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