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English is the mother tongue of some 400 million people, and the second language of an equally large number of speakers. There are also an estimated 750 million people who learn English as a foreign language.

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English courses in England

England in London

English in London

London is the largest city in Europe, stretching almost 30 miles. Enjoy some of the world's finest museums, galleries, parks, concerts, theatres and restaurants all set within the rich historical setting that is London.

England in Brighton

English in Brighton

Brighton is a lively city on the south coast of England and has access to the beautiful Sussex countryside. It is only 50 minutes from Brighton to London by train. Brighton has a large international student population.

England in Cambridge

English in Cambridge

Cambridge has been described as one of the most beautiful cities in Britain and whatever time of year you visit, it has plenty to offer.

England in Oxford

English in Oxford

Oxford is renowned as one of England's two great university towns, steeped in history and tradition.

England in Wimbledon

English in Wimbledon

Wimbledon is the most attractive suburbs in London, located about 20 minutes from the City. It has excellent shopping facilities, restaurants, pubs and cultural places. Wimbledon has been internationally known as the home of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

England in Liverpool

English in Liverpool

Liverpool, the European Capital of Culture, is a city full of passion, for music, sport, culture, live entertainment and nightlife. It boasts outstanding architecture around virtually every corner.

English courses in Scotland

Scotland in Edinburgh

English in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is Scotland's capital, a World Heritage City and home of the world's largest international arts festival.

English courses in Ireland

Ireland in Dublin

English in Dublin

Dublin is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland, it's a friendly city, it has become a fashionable and cosmopolitan city and ranks among the top tourist destinations in Europe.

English courses in Malta

Malta in Sliema

English in Sliema

Sliema is a town located on the northeast coast of Malta, together to the coastline up to neighboring St. Julian's constitutes main coastal resort. The city is a center for shopping, restaurant and café life.

Malta in Gozo

English in Gozo

Gozo also known as Ogygia is an island of the Maltese Archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Life there moves at a leisurely pace, and its rhythms are dictated by the seasons.

English courses in Canada

Canada in Vancouver

English in Vancouver

Vancouver is recognized as one of the most desirable cities to live of the world, situated between the north shore, the coastal mountains and the edge of Pacific Ocean.

English courses in United States

United States in Miami

English in Miami

Miami Beach, The Magic city, makes up with other cities surrounding Miami the fifth largest urban area in the United States. Today the city is a mix of cultures from all over the globe.

United States in New York

English in New York

New York, The City that never sleeps, offers more attractions to their visitants that other city. In whatever hour, day or month, always you will find something to do or to visit.

English courses in Australia

Australia in Sydney

English in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world. It's really attractive for its wonderful beaches, cultural sites, diverse mix of cultures, and the famous exotic wildlife.

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