Cairo Nightlife

Cairo, like most tourist centers of the world has an exciting nightlife. There are many activities, mainly on Wednesday and Thursday. The shows with belly dancers are typical in the Egyptian clubs. Most bars and clubs play international music and local rhythms. The main clubs in Cairo are located inside the hotels.

Nile River at Night in Cairo, Egypt
Nile River at Night

A nice club in Cairo is “El Gato Negro” (the black cat); this club is very popular amongst young people. Besides, on Sunday you can bring your guitar with you; since everybody is invited to make music.  It is located at 32 “Jedah Street", at Mohandessin.


Another good club mainly on Thursday is “Fat Black Pussy Cat”, which plays mainly “hip hop” and has an excellent dance floor. This club is frequented by many students from the plethora of international schools of Cairo. This club plays also Blues (on Wednesday), Nubian and Raï music (on Monday); in addition, there are also salsa classes on Tuesday and Saturday.


In “Khan el Khalili”, you can enjoy of the “Tannoura Sufi Dance Show”, a show with live music and dance, which is a modern adaptation  of the ancient religious dance named “Sufi”. The show is developed in the recently restored zone of “Wikala el-Ghouri” (an old caravanserai) and it is accompanied by traditional Arabic musical instruments.

Belly Dancer in Cairo, Egypt
Belly Dancer

One of the best bars in the city is “Thirty Five”; whose sleek interior is mostly white. The bar has two levels, with a large bar at the front and dinner tables in the back. It is a classical English bar in the heart of Egypt. It is located at 35 “Giza Street”.


Other famous bar in Cairo is “Harry’s Pub”, which is in the Marriot Hotel in Zamalek. There, you can find a nice karaoke and beautiful girls (mainly when it is ladies’ night). "Pyramids Bars and Terrace" is also a popular bar located in the Nile Hilton Hotel; where it can find also one of the best clubs of the city: “Jackies Joint”; there you can enjoy of the great dance floor, pool tables and private karaoke rooms.


Egypt is a Muslim country; nevertheless, it is easy to get alcohol in the city. But, this situation changes during the Ramadan month (in September); when the alcohol is absolutely forbidden and can get it only in some places reserved to the tourists.


But, if you prefer to hear an Opera or enjoy a good piece of theater; probably the best place in the city would be the “Gomhouriya Theatre” (Republic Theatre). In this beautiful and elegant building of the XIX century; you can enjoy many excellent performances by visiting groups. It is located at 12 “Al- Gomhouriya Street”.


Some other excellent places to spend a night in Cairo are:


Absolute, one of the best clubs of Cairo, it is located at 8 “Maydan Amman” Mohandiseen.

Andrea, a combination of bar, restaurant and nightclub, it is located at 60 “Maryotteya Canal”.

Jazz Club, the best live music of the city, it is located at197 “Shar’a 26 Yulyu”.

Omar Khayyam, a great casino in the Marriot Hotel, it is located at “Shar’a Sray al- Gezira” Zamalek.

• Sand Bar, nice bar located at “Shariya Maraashly” at Zamalek.

• River Boat, an excellent bar located at 1901 “Le Pacha” at “Saray el-Gezira Street”.

• Upstairs, a great place to dance, it is located in the World Trade Center at “Corniche al-Nil” Boulag.

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